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Canvas artwork is stretched around a wooden bar, known as Stretcher Bar. Oversize pieces can become heavy and put a lot of strain on the bars. When artwork is very large, it is important that the stretcher bar is braced correctly…or THIS can happen!

Even though this canvas was of regular weight, the original braces were weak and when the artwork was transported, the braces broke apart.

It is important to note, that in this case, it was not just the braces that failed. The fragility of the wood used for the stretcher bar may have gone unnoticed by the original framer or artist. Even small knots or imperfections in the wood can be exacerbated by a change in temperature, especially in our dry climate! Using a strong, high quality stretcher bar is every bit as important as constructing and correctly placing solid braces.

We removed the canvas and a new stretcher bar was built with extra braces at key pressure points. We then re-stretched the canvas around this frame.

This second piece is the largest canvas that we have ever framed! It is also the heaviest, not just due to its size, but the material itself was thicker than normal. We built braces for it as described above and cut triangles from a strong board and attached them at each corner for added strength.

This piece provided a fun challenge for us. It was a team effort, requiring two people to stretch it and manoeuver it around in our suddenly, very small work area!

We waved goodbye to this piece as it drove away in a horse trailer to its home at Fort Whoop Up.