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I don’t know why I like it, but I want it on my wall! Art by its very definition should evoke an emotion. If it doesn’t make us feel something the artist has missed the mark. What we adorn our homes with is a tangible extension of who we are.
That 50 – inch flat screen may be quite handsome when it is turned off; but give it power and it reaches into your head and tells you what to think, what to buy and who you are (or should be). Art is a meeting of the minds. With art the mind reaches out and embraces the warm glow of Van Gogh’s Café Terrace, or dances in the strange and exciting world of Salvador Dali.
Some will find their bliss in the image of a tropical beach where they spent time with someone special, others on the shores of Lake Como where their spirit can wander until the day that their body can follow. Still others will find tranquility in images of prairie icons or majestic Rockies.
Perhaps you are the type of person that thinks outside the box, creating an art piece that centers on the doll that grandmother carried from the old country or the branding irons that were the signature of father’s ranch. Even the ticket stubs from the concert that brought so much joy may be the visual cue that keeps you smiling all day long.
An image is worth a thousand words and it loudly proclaims, “This Is Who I Am!” Whether it is a charcoal sketch of the last great hunt, or a happy family Sunday captured in Crayola it is a glimpse of who you are. If it speaks to you, speaks of you, makes you feel something, then it is of value and it is art.