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Featured Artists

George Clayton

Two years ago, I retired from a career as a Research Scientist and manager with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada., I continue to contribute to agriculture science by doing a little consulting and reviewing research project proposals.

Following retirement, I turned to photography to reinvent myself, to fill the time, and to try to stay productive. During my career as a scientist of agronomy, I met several men and women who take care of the farmland residing between ever-expanding cities across Canada. These men and women understood that if they were good stewards of their land, the land would sustain them and their families. Farmers were, and continue to be, the original environmentalists. Farming seems to be the last frontier of the Industrial Revolution. Fewer and fewer farmers are doing more and more for those who migrated from the rural areas to the urban centres.

Advancements in innovation in crop seeds, crop and livestock management, and precision agriculture have resulted partly because of this migration as well as the ever-increasing scientific breakthroughs. One just has to leave the city and take a drive in the countryside and look. It is fascinating what farmers have accomplished in order to sustain the consumer.

My photography tries to capture what many consumers of their products have never seen before — the big vistas, the abstract landscape, the weather and the rural sunrise or sunset. I am an agvocate. You could be too. Hope you enjoy.

Brad Dunn

Born and raised in Edmonton, AB I now reside in Lethbridge, AB.  Son of a Fish and Wildlife officer, nature and the outdoors have always played a large part in my life and in my artists expression, whether through drawings, paintings or sculpture.

My inspiration to sculpt and create art in various other mediums has come from my experiences in nature and through witnessing first- hand the abundance of wildlife throughout Alberta.  Seeing the creatures that roam the prairies, foothills and mountain regions has given me an appreciation and gift that many cannot see first- hand.  This in turn gives me great satisfaction to know that through my sculpture of indigenous Alberta wildlife, I am sharing my experience with those who may not enjoy the opportunity to view such animals with their own eyes.  There is life within every stone.  My challenge as a sculptor is to release the life that already exists and not to attempt to create one; this is the essence of sculpture, as I perceive it.

My decision to create wildlife in stone was all but decided for me.  I found that stone and the ability to create a three dimensional animal out of it, gave more realism to the wildlife and the individual identity that each possess.  Sculpting has become a passion for me.  As a child I spent hours upon hours drawing and painting, these skills, which I later pursued in art school, have laid the foundation for my work as a sculptor.

I attended Grant McEwan College in Edmonton, first graduating with a diploma in fine arts.  Upon completion of that program I proceeded to study Graphic design and Illustration, for which I graduated with another diploma.  I recent years I have largely been a freelance artist, doing private commissions.

Raven & Moon

Van Gogh

Frida Kahlo

Wayne Dwornik

Wayne Dwornik was born and raised in southern Manitoba. He attended college in 1973 (Advertising Arts) majoring in photography. He moved to Swift Current, Saskatchewan to start a career in television.  There he met Sandra, the woman he would marry in 1975, and the following year they moved to Lethbridge, Alberta. Wayne worked for over 25 years in television, 10 years as a photographer, videographer.  He and Sandra raised two children and continue to reside in Lethbridge, Alberta.


“I have a background in art, graphic design and photography, as well as documentary production and (more recently with) oil painting. I have called upon my rather diverse interests and techniques to share the design traits found in my manner of  “seeing” the world around me.   Thank-you for sharing in this experience.  I hope you enjoy.”

D.C. Lund

D.C.Lund is a prairie artist. His interpretation of subjects is influenced by a lifetime of exposure to cows, grain fields, dust storms and big skies, with tall mountains peeking over the horizon. His enthusiasm for painting is shared with family responsibilities, the cow herd, and his career as a veterinarian.

D.C.Lund was born and raised in southern Alberta, punched cows, rodeoed for thirty years, put up hay, and fixed fences. He still spends some time day-dreaming and watching the prairie seasons go by. Big skies, far horizons, prairie mornings, snow, and the mystery of mountains streams feature prominently in his work. Other themes include old fence lines, river bottoms, nostalgic harvest scenes, abandoned farmsteads, and the trappings of the ranching industry.

D.C. exhibits mainly in western Canada and Montana, and has works in private and public collections across North America, Europe and the Pacific Rim.

Stuart Peterson

Stuart Peterson was born in Edmonton, Alberta and spent most of his growing up years in Calgary and St.Albert.  He then got married and started his own family living in Rich Valley.  Last spring Stuart and his family moved to Coaldale, AB.

Stuart was educated as a heavy duty mechanic and has worked in that field for most of his working years.  He has always had an eye for detail and is told he aims for perfection in everything he does.

Stuart started photography as a hobby in 2011, but has always loved taking pictures from food at restaurants to sunsets, he always sees something new.  He was recently inspired by a local artist for his HDR work and needed to create his own works this way, so he learned by reading magazines and books.

Stuart is a member of the Lethbridge Photography Club and has displayed his art in a local gallery.

Morton Molyneux

Morton Molyneux has had an interest in photography from a young age. He received his first camera a Kodak Starflex when he was 10 years old. In 1971 when living in Toronto he purchased his first decent 35 mm SLR camera and set up his own darkroom. He began doing freelance photography jobs to help pay for photographic equipment.  Within a couple years he had added 2 1/4 and 4 X 5 format camera systems and began working for Henry’s camera, doing all the corporate and marketing photography as well as doing freelance work for 2 Toronto ad agencies and other corporate clients.


In the early 80’s he began doing freelance video production and computer graphics. In 1987 He founded K2 Communications and started full time at video production moving his business to Lethbridge in 1989.

Since then he has provided video production services for countless businesses and broadcasters such as CBC, CTV, Shaw, Access, Discovery and others as well as the National Film Board of Canada.


In 2009 he bought a Canon digital DSLR and now shoots with Sony mirrorless and a Phase One medium format digital camera. He still likes to shoot film using cameras from a collection of Rollei, Leica, Minolta, Nikon and Kodak cameras some which are over 100 years old. Since a lot of his video production work takes him into rural areas he enjoys shooting  wildlife and landscape images at all times of the year.


Several years ago he began using the Piezography printmaking process for Black & White images. Last year started working with Alternative Photographic processes, mostly making Platinum/Palladium prints using the Piezography inks to make the digital negatives. He plans on working more to develop my Alternative Printmaking skills over the next few years.

With the addition of the Phase One XF camera he began offering Cultural Heritage services to museums and galleries converting objects, books, photos, film and slides to digital format for preservation.  He also likes working on large format high resolution panoramic images.

Allan Wells

Oki, My name is Allen Wells. I’m a sixty-one year old self-taught Artist from the Blood Tribe aka Kainai First Nation. A little family background; my parents are the late Luke Wells from the Blood Reserve and Sarah (Still Smoking) Wells formerly from the Blackfeet Reserve, Browning Montana, USA. there were 10 children in our family. My brother the late Kenny and I were the only boys,

As a young child, I enjoyed drawing and sent one of my pictures to the Western Horsemen. It was very surprising to look at my picture in a national magazine, However, in 1977 I was one of the artists to represent the Blood Tribe at the Calgary Stampede. At this time I met a man who was very friendly, nice and polite; he turned out to be Prince Charles. He was the first celebrity that I met and an inspiration to continue as an artist. Another inspiration boost was having one of my paintings presented to the 1968 Summer Olympics Gold Medalist winner Billy Mills. I enjoy and cherish all the people that I meet.

In 1985 I started painting paper weights and by suggestion from a coordinator of Arts and Crafts: I made western and native lapel pins. Today, I continue to make the lapel pins. These pins have made it to different countries around the world; Japan, China, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, USA and Canada – naming a few.

I am very proud to have my work on display at some of the entities on the Blood Reserve and I thank the Blood Tribe for its support throughout the years. I am also grateful for the support that my son Alien Jr, my daughter in law Tamara , my granddaughter Raquel and my long time mate Jocelyn have given me. My work can be viewed at L. A’ Gallery 2.0 in Lethbridge, AB.

Thank you all from the the bottom of my paint brush’

Tex Wiebe

Kurt Roy

Kurt’s Kustom Photography has been providing stunning, unique images since 1988. Kurt has a wealth of knowledge and a passion for photography that knows no bounds. From portraits and weddings to scenic and commercial, Kurt has experience with a wide variety of photographic situations, as well as a passion for teaching the craft to others, all the while having fun.

Tom Buchanan was born and raised in Vancouver , BC and has been a photographer for nearly 50 years. He grew up in a family that was surrounded by the arts which included his mother who was a professional artist and his sister who is an artist, photographer, professional singer and teacher. He picked up a camera while living in Ucluelet, BC  starting to record things on film not being able to put it down since.

He runs a full-service portrait and commercial studio in Lethbridge, AB teaching photographic techniques and software for over a decade both in schools and at the Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden.

Tom is a member of the The Professional Photographers of Canada, The Professional Photographers of America, the Lethbridge photography club and the Freelance Photographers Association.

Tom Buchanan

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