421 5 St S, Lethbridge, AB 403.380.4556

March 2015


This drawing is over 100 years old and is stained and torn. Old paper is very fragile and vulnerable to light, which can cause fading over time. The recommended method of preserving such artwork is to frame it using conservation grade glass, which blocks 99% of UV light, and to store it in the dark. This method is not exactly ideal if you want to show off your precious keepsakes!

To protect this piece, a digital copy was made and restored in Photoshop.  This duplicate is framed in the usual manner.

The original is placed in the same frame, in reverse order, facing the wall. No adhesives were used on the artwork. A piece of Mylar film, held in place by an acid free mat board, suspends the image against the acid free foam core backing. UV glass was offered, but as the original will be facing the wall

away from UV rays, the customer opted for regular clear.

Framing Layers, top to bottom: Glass, acid free mat board, duplicate image, acid free foam core, original image, Mylar film, acid free mat board, glass, and acid free mat board.

(The last layer of mat board is to protect the glass from the framer’s points and adds no conservation value.)